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PT Access Networks provides wireless service carriers with a broad suite of solutions to meet their coverage and capacity needs, including:

Transmission Structure Attachments

Collocation services for over 100,000 structures throughout Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina, utilizing existing monopoles and DUKE Energy’s electrical transmission towers

Microwave Communication Towers

Access to over 100 Microwave/Communication structures throughout DUKE Energy’s service territory in Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina

Build-to-Suit Monopoles

PT Access Networks Build-to-Suit programs are uniquely designed to expedite a carrier’s network development, ensuring speed to market in hard to build areas. PT Access Networks leverages its strategic land assets and utility substations to build state-of-the-art monopoles for lease to our clients.


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PT Access Networks serves as the single point of contact for all inquiries regarding availability for collocation on DUKE Energy owned or easement-held properties, as well as Build-to-Suit monopoles with private landowners.

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